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The GPS Yahoo Telephone From T – Mobile USA & Garmin

There’s a fresh rival in the Google-phone market with T-Mobile which is liberating its first ANDROID OS run smartphone in the U.S. soon. Also to kick this unveiling off with a bang, T-Mobile USA has discovered that they can be the exclusive carrier of smartphone devices created by the top Gps unit manufacturer Garmin.

T-Mobile USA as the exclusive carrier of the Garminfone on ANDROID OS wedding rings familiar of AT&T’s exclusive carrier-ship in america of Apple iPhones-a business decision on both company’s parts that is met with merged reception at best.

Still, the T-Mobile execs clearly weighed the professionals and negatives and made the decision that exclusivity with the Garminfone was well worth the potential risks. The inaugural Garminfone is a 3.5-inches” touchscreen device with an integral 3 megapixel camera, with autofocus, and undoubtedly geo-tagging, which conveniently works over both 3G and Wi-Fi networks.

But why is a Garminfone worthy of getting? Or even more to the idea, why a Garminfone? What does they think they can offer that other smartphone creators weren’t offering? Well think from it like this-what Yahoo did for explore smartphones, Garmin seeks to do for Gps device on smartphones.

Specifically, the built-in Gps unit on the Garminfone is top-notch, with onboard U.S. maps, complete traveling, walking, and general population transportation guidelines, text-to-speech features, real-time traffic reviews, local gas prices, local incidents, local movie entries, local weather. Visit

Following that, Garmin is also bringing out the Voice Studio room, an integral feature that let us Garminfone users record customizable tone of voice directions to talk about with contacts with their choice. And as being a good old Gps unit, the Garminfone should come with a car dashboard mount.

Neither T-Mobile USA nor Garmin have offered up a possible release time frame, but it’ll probably be away by the finish of May. No term has been given yet how much the Garminfone will definitely cost either.